Thundersome Threads is a family-oriented small business founded in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each t-shirt design is proudly made to order right here in the USA, and is held to the highest standard of quality.

Hi, my name's Jason and I'm the founder of Thundersome Threads. Born and raised in sunny Southern California, I now reside with my beautiful wife and amazing daughter in Indianapolis, Indiana. Quite a difference from Orange County, CA! 

Crossroads of America is the official motto of the state of Indiana, and I thought it would be a fitting and great place to launch my business!

You might be thinking... Why an e-commerce t-shirt store? Especially when that particular market is so competitive and I'd be going up against the likes of Amazon and Etsy. 

It started off pretty simply. I just had a ton of design ideas in my head and wanted to actually wear them on a shirt. So I got to work:

    • I learned Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • I shopped around and tried a bunch of different shirt brands and materials to find the softest, lightweight t-shirt that felt super comfortable to wear all day if I wanted to (which I pretty much do). 
    • I started creating and wearing my own designs.

Every time I went out with one of my own novelty t-shirt designs, I received compliments everywhere I went. People always commented:

"That shirt is awesome. That shirt is legit. Where can I get one?"

Someone even once offered to buy the shirt off my back right then and there!

After a while of always telling people I designed it myself (and them being kind of bummed out), I decided I wanted to share my designs so that other people who had the same taste in t-shirt styles could have the opportunity to wear my designs as well! And thus sparked the idea for ThundersomeThreads.com. The company name was formed as a combination of Thunder and Awesome aka THUNDERSOME!

Thank you for stopping by and supporting a USA small business.

I hope you find a t-shirt design you're as enthusiastic about, as much as I am when I create them!